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Just Breathe

This was written by Goju-Joe from Bullshido.net, link to original post here

It’s about Brazilian Jiujitsu, but is so fucking amazing that I figure I share with you guys

Just Breathe – Why BJJ


So what’s so special about BJJ for me?

Is it the image of being a bone breaking badass? Come on please I am a 37 year old bald father of three

Is it the pretense of doing something that MMA fighters do and hobnobbing with real athletes?

See previous answer

So what attracts me to BJJ.

It’s the fight to breathe, Its that point in at the end of the class during rolling after 20 minutes of being exhausted having some 230 pound gone get side control on me applying shoulder pressure and being totally gassed out and wanting to quit.

But not quitting, simply focusing on breathing, create space, breathe, get my hips under, breathe, recover half guard, breathe, sweep or recover full guard, breathe, go for a sub or a sweep and breathe.

In a life where things like, taxes, kids, parents health, the economy and a million other things can overwhelm a man. An hour and a half of primal fighting to simply breathe and keep going beyond your endurance of fighting on when quitting is just a tap away is supremely important to mental health

In a society that consistently tries to denude men of their masculinity of rituals and rights in which we learn to be strong (not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally) we all need something to measure our selves against, to compete against like Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea, a good external battle is really fight against our desire to quit and give up, and this is what defines us as men.

In some ways BJJ to me is the external manifestation of an internal and symbolic fight, that no matter what happens you just have to focus and fight for that next step, that next breath, don’t worry about the big stuff just simply breathe.


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To weeks to go

So as I sit in my cubicle pretending to work (that’s ok, they pretend to pay me), I started to think about my last week here, comes Friday, I will be another unemployed individual and this time it will be by choice.

Funny enough, I’m not too worried about it, I’m more worried about the drive and lately I’ve been thinking about everything I’m leaving behind, specially my friends.

I will miss my Judo club and my coaches and training partners, I’ve developed a very close relationship with a lot of them, and they’re like the relatives I never wanted, and as such, I’m gonna miss them a lot.

Same with the people I’ve worked with in the past eight years, some of them became not only really good friends, but surprisingly (considering that I’m not exactly “Mr. People lover”), some of this friends became family (some took longer than others, but just like family, there are some favorites, and some not so much).

I’ve been looking back at the last 6 years and how things have changed for me. I have a beautiful wife, I learned I hate computer repairing as a career, I learned and teach Judo, I stopped being a guitar gear head and became a camera gear head, and mature and grew as a man, person and husband (all thanks to my wife).

I think I’m stressing out a bit due to the reality of what I’m leaving behind in terms of job security, but I really think (hope), that this is that part of the lizard brain telling me that I shouldn’t take a risk for greener pastures when the ones around are just fine. I know that this is the correct decision and it will be the best choice for my wife and me (especially right now that we’re talking about starting a family), I just think is hard to not think about worst case scenarios when you’re taking a decision that will impact your routine so severely.

Anyway, long rambling short, I just wanted to shared my thoughts and extend my gratitude and love to my local friends for putting up with my crap, to my long distance friends for still being there for me, to my coaches for teaching me everything they could in and out the mats, to my practice partners for pushing me to be a better Judoka, to my family for always being helpful, and last but definitively not least, to my wife, god knows it hasn’t been easy to live with me, and I still have much to learn, but I love her and as long as she’s willing to help me, I’m willing to become a better person.

Thank you very much

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Looking thru my doorI admit it, this new trend on interviews is killing me, I hate it. I’m talking about the whole thing about asking totally stupid questions (half of the time unrelated to the job at hand) in order to… well, to be sincere, I have no idea why they ask the stupid questions half of the time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that nowadays it comes with the experience, if I want a job, I’m going to need to jump thru hoops and prove that I’m qualify and that I will fit in the position/department… that being said, if my first three answers disqualify me for the job, why in the hell would the interviewer put me thru another 10 minutes of creative thinking type questions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway, looking forward to more interviews and even more crazy, unrelated questions.

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I’m Back!!!

So after almost a couple of years I remembered that I have a blog and I want to re start it.

I got my camera (when with Canon), I finally got my Black Belt in Judo, I got rid of the rats…. now we have roaches…. great, I’m moving to Virginia (partially because of the roaches), and I’m planing to go back to school (for something non-computer related).

this is it for now, but I will be documented the move as well as my new pics as soon as I can, and looking forward to blog about the search for a new Judo club.

Have a good one people

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