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I was born in Venezuela 27 years ago, I was raised in San Jose de los Altos (a little town 1 hr. south of Caracas), and then I moved to Margarita Island for my teen years. I was an avid surfer, and a professional school skipper (normally choosing to go surfing instead of attending classes), I moved to Boca Raton Florida 6 years ago, I stopped surfing (wayyyy too many sharks), and started grappling, and never looked back. Recently I developed an interest in photography (get it? developed?), and I'm trying to make it a little more than just a past time (only time will tell). I'm married to a beautiful loving woman, I'm trying to finish school, and hopefully become a great parent one day (although chances are that my kid will turn out like me, in which case turning into a good parent involves not killing and eating my offspring).

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