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So, it’s another day in paradise.


I keep coming on empty handed every time I plan some photographic trip on weekends (Father’s day, it Rained, I’m broke, etc.), so I’m just giving up, I will buy a year membership to Morikami museum (due to all the festivals they have in there, it should provide me with enough photo opportunities), and the West Palm Beach Zoo (not so much for the events, but because the large quantities of animals and subjects to photograph in each visit), and I’ll hope for the best (if I can make it 4 times to Morikami and another 4-6 times to the Zoo, it’ll pay for itself right then).


I keep looking at DSLR cameras (I freaking love the Nikon D80), and falling in love with them, but I can not justify buying one yet, the expenses are too great (lenses, cleaning, maintenance, etc.), versus the Pros from my standpoint (Raw imaging and a higher quality pictures), now I know that there’s more to DSLR cameras besides the two points I mentioned in my pros, such as White Balance control, aperture and shutter speed control, less noise at higher ISO settings, etc., but besides the ISO advantage, these are controls that I have on my DZLR camera, my Finepix S700 has all these controls but it only shoots in JPEG and I have a shitload of noise at higher ISO settings (so I only shoot during the day). Enter the S100FS.


Now I know that a ZLR is no competition to the DSLR (in most cases), and granted, I have no idea about the response of the camera at higher ISO settings, but the flexibility provided by the ZLR is more convenient for somebody in my budget (no expense in lenses for one), and taking into account that I’m not about to shoot a fashion shot, or a wedding (I mean, I could, but you would not like the results), is the perfect camera for me. The Fujifilm S100FS offers me RAW imaging which is my number one concern when thinking of a new camera (I can finally fix my exposure problems without spending hours in Photoshop or Lightroom to do so), Plus, it has a hotshoe, so I don’t have to rely on the pop-up flash anymore (come on guys, the person who came up with the pop up flash was a sick, sick individual).


I could make a case about why I shouldn’t buy this camera (the pricing is the same as some nice Cannon DSLR entry level prosumer cameras for one), but once again, from “MY” standpoint (amateur with a hobby), is hard to explain why I should buy a couple of thousand dollars worth of lenses plus the expense of the camera; if someday I decide that I want to make a career out of this, and I’m gonna leave the civilized world and shoot for National Geographic (unlikely) in the middle of the freaking Congo, then yeah, by all means Nikon D300/Cannon EOS-1Ds Mark III cameras here I come, but until then, my nice ZLR camera will do.


In other news, there’s no Judo this week due to everybody being at the greatest camp on earth in North Carolina (I couldn’t make it, I had a scholarship for it, but I really need to take a vacation with my wife before I do anything out of the state with the judo team), so it’ll be a lazy week unless I get in touch with Pandinha and go train with him this coming Sat.


I keep playing guitar and it’s getting boring to play alone (“play with myself” if you will), so I think I’m gonna get somebody to pick up the bass guitar and see if that get’s the juices flowing…. Ewww


Well, the handyman cover the holes the mice where using to get inside my apartment, he did such a bang up job… he used linoleum to cover the entry point in my cabinets, now I won’t dwell into the fact that these little animals chew thru drywall to get to my cabinet and I’m sure they will chew thru linoleum if they find it absolutely necessary, but the fact that the guy didn’t cut the linoleum for the top shelf to fit the angle, and the linoleum doesn’t bent in a 90 degrees angle, it bows and leaves a half inch opening  on the top shelf…. This makes me think that the little bastards are gonna be able to get in my apartment once more, so I guess I’m gonna take things into my own two hands and fix this problem myself (I have no faith in the handyman to come and fix the problem, and there’s a couple of glue traps and a snap trap left, so I do not want him to get injured).


So long and until next time.


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I’m Back



So I’ve been out of the internet for a while, and I really got back into playing guitar (I’ve been playing for 10 + years). Since I started judo, I’ve been kinda neglecting music (before Judo, everything revolve around my guitars, my recording equipment and listening to new stuff for influence, but once I started Judo, I stop buying guitar magazines and started buying grappling magazines, stop buying software and hardware and started buying grappling videos and equipment, etc).


So a friend just got a new guitar (Agile 3100), so it got me back into playing and recording, as a matter of fact, I got a couple of people into recording, and I’ll be expending some time teaching them how to use Sonar and other Cakewalk products for their recordings. Now, I have to find a way to do this and not neglect my grappling.


Anyway, I’m gonna try to start blogging at least once a week again (grappling or music), and keep this site updated.


Thank you.

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